• Ferninand Hat Cap
  • Ferninand Hat Cap
  • Ferninand Hat Cap
  • Ferninand Hat Cap


Ferninand Hat Cap

$ 32.00



The Ferdinand Hat isn't like the other hats... Instead of screaming for attention or pretending to be a cowboy hat, it prefers to just be tranquilo and drink a cerveza. But one day out grabbing some tacos while all the other hats were seeing how many different ways they could draw their own names, the Ferdinand Hat was sat down on the table exposing that silky smooth, orange liner perfectly contrasting with the deep black nylon. Every poser in the joint thought "This is the hat right here!" So they went and bought one. But when they put it on, the Ferdinand Hat wouldn't flash a gaudy design or beg for attention. It just wanted to go get some BBQ and listen to live music. The posers tried everything: the college bar, the golf course, they even thought they were fly fishers and tried the shop... but the Ferdinand Hat was just simple and cool. So they used our incredibly convenient return policy, and took it back. Someone chill picked it up, and rumor has it, it's still sitting at that BBQ joint listening to some good ol' Texas country. 

  • Quick Dry Nylon
  • Embroidered Logo
  • Unstructured 5-Panel
  • Easy Curve Visor
  • Retro Pop-Up Mesh
  • Snapback
  • Agave Tag
  • Classic Sendero Label

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